Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist: Mostly Leather

So Halifax got somewhere around fifty centimetres of snow between last night and this afternoon. School got closed, work got cancelled, I did all my homework and have been sitting on the couch eating craft dinner, re-watching Game of Thrones and online window shopping while my boyfriend shovels the driveway. It's days like this I'm glad I don't have a credit card. Anywho, these are just a few of the cool things I didn't buy today.

Leather Bean Bag Chair

I realized the other day when there were more than three people in my apartment that I need a chair in my living room. So why not a bean bag chair? Why not a leather bean bag chair? Yes, such a thing exists, gracefully combining old world class with new world slovenliness. In other words, it's my kind of chair.
Source: Restoration Hardware
Price Tag: $795 for 'antiqued ebony'

Faux Leather Skinny Jeans

I attribute my need for black leather pants to Buffy Summers, and Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. I am by no means opposed to using and/or wearing leather, but the faux leather ones are easier to find. These ones are Alexander McQueen, which is a good thing if what Nicki Minaj has lead me to believe is true.
Source: The Outnet
Price Tag: $90

Steel Boned Corset

A corset can be the most versatile piece in a person's wardrobe. A lot of people seem to see them as just a sex thing but they are so much more. This one, for example, could be worn with pants, or a skirt, or over a shirt, or under a bolero, or by itself. I always wanted a corset. I had one, once, when I was a kid, that my mom made for an historically accurate 17th century gown I wore to a costume party. It was an undergarment so it was designed to be functional rather than stylish. I want something stylish. I know this one is stylish because it has 'elegant' in capital letters in the website's description.
Source: Corsets Queens
Price Tag: $89.99

Leather Jacket with Fur Lined Hood

If it hasn't become apparent by now, I have a thing for leather. I also have a need for a new fall jacket, and this one has a cool, modern Viking thing going on. Plus the fur hood will keep my brain warm on those brisk days.
Source: Polyvore
Price Tag: $2,125

Pleather Dress

This is the last (p)leather thing, honest. I like this dress. It's the kind of thing I could see myself wearing to, like, a work function and also to a goth/fetish function. It's multi-purpose, and therefore practical. I consider myself a practical person. This would then be a good purchase.
Source: Nordstrom Rack
Price Tag: $39.20

Octo-Skull Nighty

I love sea creatures. I love skulls. I love lying around in bed and not putting on real clothes (as I type this it is twenty to seven at night and I am still in my pyjamas). It stands to reason that I would want this nighty. I also really like the word nighty for some reason. It makes me want to say "tee hee, I'm in my nighty" in a falsetto.
Source: Scary Threads
Price Tag: $45

White Ball Python

I've never been very comfortable with the idea of ordering animals online and having them shipped to me. I know people do it all the time, but it's not something for me to do. I would rather drive great distances and deal with borders than put a snake on an airplane. But that's just me. Anyway, since I got my python, Ligeia, I've been fascinated by all the different colours that ball pythons come in. Something about the pure white ones really caught my attention. They look like snake ghosts.
Source: Reptiles by Mack
Price Tag: $449.99

Bride of Frankenstein Phone Case

I love me some Bride of Frankenstein. I also love me this phone case. Of course, this won't fit on my Galaxy so it's a pipe dream, really. The same seller does have one with the monster and the bride which will go on my phone. They also have a Creature from the Black Lagoon one, and a Freddy Kruger one that would also fit. And they also sell bath and body products. And they're called "Bloodbath", I think that's neat. I will definitely be buying something from them in the future.
Source: Etsy
Price Tag: $20.87

Vintage Movie Cover Yoga Mat

I really need a yoga mat, actually. Doing exercises on the floor was getting hard on the knees and back, so I started doing them in bed but I kept going to sleep, so I started doing them on a blanket on the floor but it just slips around. This mat would actually fit somewhat with the decor of my apartment also, which is something I wasn`t really expecting but it`s kinda cool.
Source: Cafe Press
Price Tag: $83

Kitty Speed Bump Scratcher

So my cats will stop scratching my fucking couch.
Source: Etsy
Price Tag: $39.25

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