Friday, February 20, 2015

Girl Drink Drunk: Abbot's Delight

So my spicy man friend moved down to Halifax from New Brunswick a couple of months ago which is pretty radular. We're rocking our own place in the nice part of the shitty end of town, I'm doing moderately well at the whole adult thing I think. I sometimes have spontaneous fits of anxiety, but like, doing laundry and opening mail and paying bills on time and stuff, I got that covered. I even got my car undercoated for the first time ever which is, I think, the most responsible thing I've ever done in my life (I would count paying fines in a reasonable amount of time but obviously if I was responsible I wouldn't have fines, hey).

I decided to try this drink because
a) I went from a long distance relationship to a cohabiting relationship and that deserved celebrating,
b) I was broke from paying my fines and had no booze except for this big ol' bottle of Frangelico which I had moved at least twice, and
c) I wanted to know if I could make a drink out of Frangelico that doesn't taste like a hazel tree's ass.

I found the original recipe in this book (I bought it with points I earned doing surveys online, no word of a lie). The only place I could find it online is here. You can translate it out of Japanese yourself you lazy fool. I tweaked it a little bit to suit my tastes, thusly.

My phone takes shitty pictures

Abbot's Delight (makes two)
3 oz. Frangelico
1 banana
6 oz. pineapple juice
2-3 tbsp plain balkan style yoghurt
Dash of angostura bitters
A fuckload of ice

Slap that in the blender, push the button until sufficiently blended (I'm waaaaaaaay to impatient to wait for it to be smooth. I don't give a fuck about big old chunks of ice and fruit and shit in my drink. I imagine that's why I hated working at a smoothie place), then pour it into the fanciest glass you can find and drink the fucking thing. I jammed a maraschino cherry in there coz I had some, not that you can tell, they always sink to the bottom.

Super fucking fancy
I added the yoghurt because I was reeeeeeally hungover and wanted to pretend I was having something nourishing. It's a wonder I didn't put protein powder in there for fuck sakes. And I doubled up on the pineapple juice because as it turns out I don't actually like the taste of hazelnut very much. It took me until now to realize that, coz everybody likes hazelnut, what's not to like about hazelnut? But seriously though, if I'm having a fancy flavoured coffee or soemthing I'd rather it be vanilla or chocolate flavoured. The same is true of liqueurs. Hazelnut just doesn't do it for me.

I found this drink was actually too sweet and fruity and nutty at the same time. It kinda made me sick. But the yoghurt settled my stomach. In hindshight I think vanilla yoghurt would have been nice, but I usually only ever buy plain coz I hate fun.

Anyway, it got me a little buzzed and the Frangelico's finally gone and done with which was the main point so I'm gonna call this a success. Over and out.

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