Sunday, December 14, 2014

Girl Drink Drunk: Sir John A's Honey Wheat Ale

I'm having one of those days where I really don't feel like doing anything whatsoever. As I write this, I am still in my underwear and housecoat, drinking beer and smoking darts. Days like this kinda stress me out coz I feel like I should be doing something productive rather than sitting around on my ass waiting until it's time to go back to bed but hey what can ya do.

Anyway, I picked up a few bottles of this beer yesterday and it's really nothing to write home about. It's not unpleasant but it doesn't have a very strong flavour at all. It's smooth, and it's got a very slight sweet aftertaste but that's about it. If you like mild, inoffensive beers and also microbrews, this is acceptable. It'd be suitable to go with dinner if you were having like chicken or something probably. I prefer my beer to be bold and manly and a meal by themselves but that's just me.

This is brewed by Gahan in PEI - I've had some of their beers before. The Blueberry Ale is really nice (I don't typically like blueberry beers but theirs is an exception), Beach Chair is okay. I want to try their Sydney Street Stout, I'm gonna check and see if they have any at the beer store next time I go. Coz stout is the beer for me. I will report back with my findings.

PEI Brewing Company's website is here.

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