Friday, August 29, 2014

Girl Drink Drunk: Mystery Coffee Drink

It seems to me that every Sunday without fail, for whatever reason, I'm totally hungover and pretty nearly out of booze. I can't imagine why. In addition to being a day of rest, Sunday is also typically the day I get together with a homey or two, bust out the guitars, and have a good old jam sesh. Which is as good an occasion as any to get drunk again.

Another habit of mine is to make one big pot of coffee and then drink it one cup at a time until it's gone. Sicne I am only one person and I only usually have one coffee in the morning, I tend to have cold coffee sitting around the house. So lately, on Sunday morning, I've been concocting godawful coffee based beverages containig any and every type of spirit I have lying around the house.

The two following mystery drinks are the results of my Sunday morning tamperings.

Mystery Coffee Drink the First

Sugar and milk (or cream) to taste
1/2 oz. frangelico
1/2 oz. grand marnier
1/2 oz. white cacao

This was one of my first coffee experiments and I figured it would be a good idea to just throw a little bit of all the liqueurs I had in my cabinet into an iced coffee. It was not at all. This drink was like getting punched in the face with flavour. It had no subtlety, no character and it showed me that grand marnier and frangelico do not in any way compliment one another. I don't particularly care for either on their own or as the main ingredient in a drink, but together they are nightmarishly sweet and made the drink taste a lot like what I ould imagine rubbing alcohol would taste like.

Not a success.

Mystery Coffee Drink the Second

Hot coffee
Sugar and milk (or cream) to taste
1 oz. white cacao
1/2 oz. grand marnier

This, on the other hand, has become my fallback for Sunday morning coffee. I figured white chocolate and oranges have a certain thing going so there would be no reason for cacao and grand marnier not to. The combination lends the coffee and nice, mild flavour, not too boozey, still a little on the sweet side though. It kinda dulls the bite from the grand marnier a little bit.

This drink isn't great, but it isn't terrible either and until I buy more coffee-appropriate liqueurs, it'll be my go to.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Girl Drink Drunk: Blomidon Chardonnay

yes i know my counters are dirty yes i know my relflection is in the toaster yes i know i know
I bought this wine a couple of weeks ago because I wanted something that would pair nicely with chicken (yes, I'm still doing that) and it's vinted in Canning, Nova Scotia which is nice.

I may or may not have mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of white wine because, for the most part, I find they don't reall taste like anything. This is no exception. It's a tangy, wine-flavoured wine, perfectly drinkable but nothing special and it did have a slightly chalky aftertaste.

That being said, though I was too drunk to function when I made my chicken and am incapable of telling you whether it paired well or not, what it did pair surprisingly nicely with was this fucked up thing I made a few days later with quinoa.

I was trying to make this recipe but cocked it up pretty good and wound up with a mass of quinoa, spinach, eggs, and cheese.
Fuck off
It tasted pretty damn good but since I cooked the quinoa with chicken stock and put cheese in it, and also salt, it was really salty and the wine did an excellent job of cutting down the salty assault that was going on in my mouth.

So I think I learned something from this. Chardonnay pairs with really salty foods like cheese and salt. Honestly I'm really excited about that - I mean, yeah, I could have read it in a wine tasting guide but finding out on my own is way more fun. And that's why I'm doing wine and beer and food pairings. Woot.

Blomidon Estates Winery is located right here in Nova Scotia and also on the internet here. I didn't really dig the Chardonnay but I will definitely try their other wines in the future.