Sunday, June 1, 2014

Girl Drink Drunk: Dearly Beloved I Thee Red

This wine was on the sale shelf at the liqour store the other day. The bottle caught my attention so I bought it. And ... the label is the best thing about it. My roommate said it looked like it was made to appeal to fourteen year olds going through their goth phase but it also worked on me apparently.

This isn't a bad wine, it's perfectly drinkable, but it's a blend so it doesn't really taste like much, yknow, it's a wine for people who don't really like wine. I'm starting to find out that I don't really like blended wine. And I guess where it was on sale it wasn't a bad buy. I probably wouldn't buy it again though.

I can't for the life of me find out who exactly makes this wine or whether or not they have a website so... if anybody finds any information on that let me know in the comments and I will link to it. 

Edit: This wine is apparently made by Truett Hurst

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  1. This is by Truett Hurst, a California Vineyard. They carry it at Trader Joes.