Monday, June 4, 2012

Staycation Travelogue #1

Sometimes when I tell people that I moved from the bustling metropolis of Halifax to the tiny thorpe I now inhabit, I get weird looks. "Why would you want to do that?" people will ask. I don't blame them. It seems backwards somehow to move to somewhere smaller at my age. That's something older people do when they've become tired and retired. And I'll grant that maybe this isn't THE most happening spot in the world but ya know some stuff does go on especially where I work (which is arguably the most happening spot in the village).

For example last week or the week before it was kind of a slow Saturday night and then this whole family of fantastic musicians came in and asked if they could play the piano. They stayed and entertained me with beautiful music well into the night.

Hanging out on the docks I met a man on a bicycle, he was originally from north of Hamburg and moved to Fredericton to work developing software. He biked all the way from Fredericton to Gagetown, a forty minute car ride, to see what was there.

One night I saw a young owl in the middle of the road eating something dead. It just stood in front of my headlights and stared at me, then made like it was going to attack my car.

Last night I met an English professor slash Zen Priest from Maine who told me I was a wonderful person and I was going to have a great life.

I caught a snake last month.

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