Friday, January 20, 2012

Must Finish NaNo

I'm not sure why I didn't finish my novel for NaNoWriMo during the allotted time period this year. I think that perhaps it's becoming a habit for me. I have not completely my annual novel since I believe 2007, the second year I participated.

In previous years, I have had things like work holding me back from novelling every day, but this year I was unemployed. I didn't have a single other thing to do apart from just write all god damn day. But I didn't. Around the fifteenth my interest in the novel dropped off almost entirely. I think I realized that I had skipped too many days to make them up and decided to quit while I was only a little bit behind.

This novel was unusual in that I didn't plan it, either. My last few attempted novels were meticulously planned before committing them to paper. But this one, like my first two, was just started with a vague idea on November 1st.

And ultimately it's that idea that compels me. After November, I thought my half baked novella would just sit in a dusty old file in my documents, mocking me with it's incompleteness. But it calls to me. And I've started working on it again.

Now I have no time frame, I'm just writing when I have something to write but I'm up to 33K words now so I'm getting close-ish to my goal. I'm not sure that the story will last that long but who cares. I want it to be semi-finished. I am driven to get the story out of me lest it fester in the depths of my brain.

I simply must finish NaNo

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