Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sketchy Sketch and the Weather

Today, my goal is basically to assemble sketchy sketch, even if I die trying. Actually, it's pretty much all put together, I just have to scan one comic and finish the intro. The intro shouldn't be hard, as I already basically know what I'm going to say in it. The comic... well I don't know how to use the scanner so that will be fun. Forunately, my mother and brother do so it'll all be just fine and dandy.

And then... to send. Yee haw. I think I baked myself yesterday, in other news. It is ridiculoously hot. Cruelly so. 30 degrees Celsius. Christ.

I can honestly say that I despise the heat. I much prefer winter. I know, you always hate the season you're in, but the winter, man, you have to work to live. Like, you have to really physically stay warm, especially in New Brunswick coz we don't have heating here.

In summer, you just lie around coz it's too hot to do anything, but you can think about the fact thAT you're not doing anything, and it gets extremely infuriating. And my dog is miserable. God damn.

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