Friday, August 7, 2009

Title Change

Thought I'd change the title from 'I Love Life: Yes I Do' (which is a lie anyway. I only like life) to 'A Glimpse of Happiness in a Sea of Horror' which is a much more appropriate description of my existance.

That title comes from something my friend said many moons ago. Back in the days before I wore colours (I miss those days. I hate colours. What the hell happened?) I used to have this one pink sock which I would wear sometimes when I couldn't find two black ones. My friends found this sock particularly amusing because, apparently, seeing someone dressed all in black except for one cheery pink sock is funny (actually, it is). One day we were sitting around in some kitchen or something discussing The Sock because I guess we didn't have anything better to do and my friend, whom we will call... um... I dunno, described it as "A glimpse of happiness.... in a sea of horror"

So that's the origin of my new title. Named after a sock. If I still had the sock I would take a picture of it and upload it to here but I think I threw it away. It was actually pretty ratty. I'd had it for quite a while and I'm pretty sure there was only one. It was faded out and had holes in the toes (although, all of my socks have holes in the toes). The elastic in the ankle had worn out as well, I believe, so it always had this scrunched up eighties look.

Named after a not-very-nice sock, no less. Wow. I love life. Wait, no.

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