Monday, August 10, 2009

I had some friends up from my former homeland this weekend. It was nice. I ended up getting drunk Saturday night despite my resolution to stop drinking. It just felt like the right time to have a beer or five. I have no regrets. I ended up staying up until five that morning shooting the shit with my friend, codename... uh... Shorts (on account of the fact that she wore plaid, flannel, pyjama shorts practically the whole time she was here). So I sobered up before I went to sleep which was nice. I hate falling asleep drunk.

Anyway. I'm thinking of ditching The Orchard for at least a little while. It's just lagging so much. I think I just need to leave it for a little while, let it mellow, and then attack it from a different side. So yeah, I'll just let it sit. I have so many other ideas. First of all, I've been working on the foundations for a novella about... alternate dimensions or something. I've just been working out the differences between the different worlds and so on. It might be interesting but it will take a lot of research and stuff.

Also, I'm thinking of writing a short about some kind of plague. I don't want to put too many details about that coz I haven't worked them out yet.

AND I found a stash of my old stuff on my mom's computer and was just reading through some of it. A lot of it was pretty tedious but some of it may be useful, for example, I found this really boring story I wrote for some reason which I think I might be able to work into something interesting.

The other thing I found was my script frenzy attempt from I guess '08. At the time I thought it was awful, but reading back it's actually not too bad. It's about satanists and some of the dialogue is actually pretty amusing (if I may say so). I laughed. It's got a lot of really unnecessary stuff just in there to up the ol' word count but I can take that out. Also, the plot is really convoluted, but I can fix that too. The characters are appealing to me. They're fairly two dimensional, but at least they are consistant. My characters are typically insane and tend to go from being really calm to complete demented to really meek and jumpy. I dunno. It;s weird.

I guess people aren't really all that consistant. The people I know anyway. Although I'm convinced that most of the people I know are pretty much insane anyway. Ah well. So yeah, that's what I been doin.

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