Sunday, August 30, 2009

Killin Time

Yeah, I'm just killin time alright. I really don't have anything to write about at the moment, as far as I recall. I should start writing stuff down when it happens instead of planning to remember it until sunday. Ech. Ah well. I've been working on covers for my CDs mostly. Other than that? Not too much. I rode a horse for the first time in a long time today, so my ass is in pain. It was fucking fun though.

Anyway, I'm going to watch Hostage with Bruce Willis in a bit, once it loads some more (streaming it from somewheres, I'm not sure if this is legal or not but I figure the less I know the better, right?). Probably going to be the last film in my Bruce Willis spree (I don't think I'll watch The Sixth Sense. I dunno, the more movies M. Night Shyamalan makes, the less I like that particular one so I think I'll leave it alone. I might watch The Colour of Night or whatever the fuck that's called. I haven't seen it and I've heard it's kinda shitty and ya know shitty is my middle name so...)

Also, I'm re-writing the orchard again from scratch. Why? I have no fucking idea. It just wasn't working out as planned so I'm going to do a shorter version. More condensed. It might work. I dunno.

So, yeah, that's all I can really think of to talk about. There are no amusing anecdotes from my life I wish to impart. Yup. Bye.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

oh yeah

Forgot to mention, Sketchy Sketch went out and all was good. Booyah. Getting prepped for next issue.


Some artwork I've been working on for my CDs. I decided to do twenty unique covers which in retrospect was really stupid, but you know. I decided to copy drawings out of my sketchbook rather than try to come up with twenty new drawings in one sitting and... it's kinda weird. I mean, when I'm drawing in my sketchbook I will do maybe one, two drawings at a time, which reflect whatever mood I'm in or what I'm thinking about. But drawing twenty of my old drawings in succession is rather creepy. I'm really starting to freak myself out (I've only done the pencil sketches on most of them so I get to draw them AGAIN! Yay!). I mean... I drew a bondage hotdog. Like... whatt the hell is that? Sure, a bondage hotdog by itself is one thing, but in combination with bleeding dicks, guys with their organs hanging out and so many armless prostitutes... I'm starting to realize that I may be slightly strange. Jesus. But enough of that. To the pictures...

One of the skins, and my absolute favourite thing that I have ever drawn. I dunno why, but I think it looks cool. I'm thinking I might start just drawing organ diagrams from now on. What's really sad about it though is that I have to take the centre out to put it on a CD so I'll lose the heart and most of the left lung and the liver and stomach. Leaving not that much. Mostly just the intestine. Which doesn't look that good. I think I'll scan it and save it for future use.

This is the only finished case and is a picture of a man still attached to his mother via the umbilical cord. Lovely. It looks really cheap to me for some reason, I guess because everything is white. But the marker bleeds! I can't fill in the empty spaces. Anyway, the back is already in there and I don't want to take it out again. So yeah. I haven't finished the skin for this CD though so it's not really ready.

Click here to see more about my music and listen to some sample tracks. Woo hoo.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sketchy Sketch and the Weather

Today, my goal is basically to assemble sketchy sketch, even if I die trying. Actually, it's pretty much all put together, I just have to scan one comic and finish the intro. The intro shouldn't be hard, as I already basically know what I'm going to say in it. The comic... well I don't know how to use the scanner so that will be fun. Forunately, my mother and brother do so it'll all be just fine and dandy.

And then... to send. Yee haw. I think I baked myself yesterday, in other news. It is ridiculoously hot. Cruelly so. 30 degrees Celsius. Christ.

I can honestly say that I despise the heat. I much prefer winter. I know, you always hate the season you're in, but the winter, man, you have to work to live. Like, you have to really physically stay warm, especially in New Brunswick coz we don't have heating here.

In summer, you just lie around coz it's too hot to do anything, but you can think about the fact thAT you're not doing anything, and it gets extremely infuriating. And my dog is miserable. God damn.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I had some friends up from my former homeland this weekend. It was nice. I ended up getting drunk Saturday night despite my resolution to stop drinking. It just felt like the right time to have a beer or five. I have no regrets. I ended up staying up until five that morning shooting the shit with my friend, codename... uh... Shorts (on account of the fact that she wore plaid, flannel, pyjama shorts practically the whole time she was here). So I sobered up before I went to sleep which was nice. I hate falling asleep drunk.

Anyway. I'm thinking of ditching The Orchard for at least a little while. It's just lagging so much. I think I just need to leave it for a little while, let it mellow, and then attack it from a different side. So yeah, I'll just let it sit. I have so many other ideas. First of all, I've been working on the foundations for a novella about... alternate dimensions or something. I've just been working out the differences between the different worlds and so on. It might be interesting but it will take a lot of research and stuff.

Also, I'm thinking of writing a short about some kind of plague. I don't want to put too many details about that coz I haven't worked them out yet.

AND I found a stash of my old stuff on my mom's computer and was just reading through some of it. A lot of it was pretty tedious but some of it may be useful, for example, I found this really boring story I wrote for some reason which I think I might be able to work into something interesting.

The other thing I found was my script frenzy attempt from I guess '08. At the time I thought it was awful, but reading back it's actually not too bad. It's about satanists and some of the dialogue is actually pretty amusing (if I may say so). I laughed. It's got a lot of really unnecessary stuff just in there to up the ol' word count but I can take that out. Also, the plot is really convoluted, but I can fix that too. The characters are appealing to me. They're fairly two dimensional, but at least they are consistant. My characters are typically insane and tend to go from being really calm to complete demented to really meek and jumpy. I dunno. It;s weird.

I guess people aren't really all that consistant. The people I know anyway. Although I'm convinced that most of the people I know are pretty much insane anyway. Ah well. So yeah, that's what I been doin.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Title Change

Thought I'd change the title from 'I Love Life: Yes I Do' (which is a lie anyway. I only like life) to 'A Glimpse of Happiness in a Sea of Horror' which is a much more appropriate description of my existance.

That title comes from something my friend said many moons ago. Back in the days before I wore colours (I miss those days. I hate colours. What the hell happened?) I used to have this one pink sock which I would wear sometimes when I couldn't find two black ones. My friends found this sock particularly amusing because, apparently, seeing someone dressed all in black except for one cheery pink sock is funny (actually, it is). One day we were sitting around in some kitchen or something discussing The Sock because I guess we didn't have anything better to do and my friend, whom we will call... um... I dunno, described it as "A glimpse of happiness.... in a sea of horror"

So that's the origin of my new title. Named after a sock. If I still had the sock I would take a picture of it and upload it to here but I think I threw it away. It was actually pretty ratty. I'd had it for quite a while and I'm pretty sure there was only one. It was faded out and had holes in the toes (although, all of my socks have holes in the toes). The elastic in the ankle had worn out as well, I believe, so it always had this scrunched up eighties look.

Named after a not-very-nice sock, no less. Wow. I love life. Wait, no.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Okay, I think I'm finally starting to run out of steam. Posting obsessively takes it out of me, ya know? Anyway, today's news is that my brother is letting me use his old camera. He recently upgraded from a D40 to a D200 (or something like that) so I get to play with the old one. Of course, that also means I will probably generally be taking my own photos, which means that a) I will be able to get photos onto my various blogs faster and b) shitty photo time. Honestly, I take crap photos. Always have. I'm one of those people.

But anyway. Yeah. Also, I'm going to start a countdown of ninety of my favourite horror flicks on my other blog which can be found here (if you're too lazy to click the link on my sidebar). That will commence tomorrow. That will be fun and not all that time consuming because I started writing reviews ages ago. I am amazing.

Also, there are now two weeks til the deadline for Sketchy Sketch, the e-zine I is starting up. So, just as a reminder to anyone who is reading this shite (which is probably no one), August 15th is the deadline, send submissions or queries to If you would like to subscribe, send a message reading 'Klaatu Barada ur mom' to the above e-mail address.

Woo hoo.

OH YEAH, I also saw When the Bus Comes on thursday. It was awesome, and I really dug how it turned out. It was cool. The other plays were also bitchin, having a generally humourous tone. It was very awesome. I had a good time.

So I'm going to see if I have another play in me. I don't know if I do or not. I could try writing my quarantine script although that is pretty damn morbid. I dunno. We'll see. I'll just keep working on the short stories and see how that goes.