Sunday, July 19, 2009

What I Am Currently Working On

Okay, so, I'm trying to write but am stuck at the moment coz the only thing I can think of is where in the name of fucking jesus fuck my USB cord is. I lost it some time ago, made a pathetic attempt to find the thing, and then gave up, figuring hey, what the fuck, I don't really use my camera that much anyway.

But now I really need my camera, you know, to take photos of shit, and I can't for the life of me think of where the fucking piece of fucking shit could be. I dunno, it feel into a portal in the fabric of the universe or something.

So, while I'm waiting for my brain to re-align itself into a state condusive for writing things other than strings of profanity, I figured I'd just post on what I'm currently working on, creatively speaking.

Thing Number 1: A novella I'm tentatively calling 'The Orchard'. It started out as a short story and has sort of morphed into something longer and more boring. It's about a small town in N.S. with this haunted apple orchard. Think 'Children of the Corn' but set in Canada.

Anyway, I've actually only written, like, twenty pages or so and I'm already starting to wonder when the fuck it's going to be over. This is never a good sign, however, since it is really typical of me I've taken to disreagrding it as such.

Thing Number 2: Recently, I started up drawing comics again. I used to draw them ages ago when I was a wee bairn, but things got away from me pretty quick. You know how at that age you have this huge ideas - I wanted to write, like, 100-page graphic novels and lengthy, epic serieses - but no skill whatsoever? It's the most frustrating thing in the world.

I tried to remedy this (oh how I tried) by purchasing fancy equipment. I got a whole bunch of expensive art markers (I still buy markers for drawing even though I don't draw with markers) in several shades of gray and special marker paper, all at the expense of my mother (of course, she suggested it, so...). But it didn't help so eventually the frustration overcame me and I gave up, going back to just drawing geometric shapes with crayon.

Now (several art classes later), things have gone the other way. My skills have improved to the point where I can actually draw the same characters more than once, but my ideas have gotten a hell of a lot smaller. I don't really want to work on anything longer than about three pages.

Interestingly, things improved a whole lot when I went back to drawing with pen instead of trying to use marker or pencil (I do use both of these from time to time, but only to supplement the pen).

So anyway, I've been drawing a bunch of little comics I call 'Out Fer a Smoke' about these people (Lee and Joss) standing around outside their house smoking and talking about what happened to them earlier in the day. It is easy and fun to draw (mainly because both characters have lots of piercings and such, which I enjoy drawing).

So much fun. Other than that, I'm not up to a whole lot, other than looking for my damn USB cord and cursing the sticky comma on this keyboard (the comma is one of my favourite characters of punctuation and I tend to use it a lot, making its stickiness extremely infuriating). Best I return to work. Woo hoo hoo.

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