Monday, July 20, 2009

Sketchy Sketch

Okay, it's about time I started plugging this e-zine I've been working on (not that I think anybody is really reading this blog, but... well... if there are any people who don't actually know me in real life (Z? Are you there?)). I forgot about it while I was posting earlier and thought I should mention it now before I forget again. I am dumb sometimes. Scratch that, I am dumb most of the time. I have vaguely flickers of semi-sentience every now and then but the rest of the time, I'm not even really aware of my surroundings let alone able to process abstract concepts.

So, here's the official promo I have been kicking around the internet:

"I am going to be starting an e-mail based art zine called ‘Sketchy Sketch’ and am looking for submissions. I am accepting submissions in the form of anything, fiction, non-fiction, poems, drawings, comics, weird photographs, reviews of anything, interviews with yourself and/or others, blog entries, promotional whatnot, dating ads, an itemized list of what’s in your pocket, whatever. If I can open it on my computer, I’ll put it in. Same goes for content. If you send it, I’ll run it no matter how tasteless it is. Except for maybe racist or homophobic propaganda.

Send submissions to, along with a short author bio (if you don’t include one, I’ll make one up). Deadline is August 15th. If you would like a copy (they are free), send an message reading ‘Klaatu Barada ur Mom’ to the above e-mail address and I’ll put you on the mailing list. Go-go gadget awesome."

So there we go. Wowness for the wow.

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